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The recruitment process can be very time-consuming and challenging, especially when you need capable hands to fill specialised positions. We are Trucker Hub, an agency that specialises in recruiting and training staff. We attract and recruit candidates that best fit businesses, culture and strategy. We operate from our office in the local area, performing our search and recruitment processes for companies in the region. You can contact us through our booking form for more details.

Communication is Critical

We believe in excellent communications between recruiters and drivers and we encourage you to reach out with any questions, comments, or critiques you may have. Rest assured, we always try to respond to our clients as quickly as possible, no matter if it is an individual looking for work or a company that needs to fill a position. Our customer support team may take different steps to solve your issue, depending on the details, but no matter the problem, we will strive to ensure we find the right solution.

Customer Reviews

As a recruitment agency, we have been able to build a sterling reputation for ourselves in the area, in no small part due to the good reviews we have received from both client companies as well as the applicants that have passed through our recruitment processes. Through their feedback, we feel confident in attesting to the fact that our fairness and emphasis on merit allows us to pair the right position to the right people, every time.


I was very surprised at how quick the guys here found a position for me. It normally takes a couple of weeks. Good job
Steve Burrows
A friend referred me hear from facebook, I was skeptical at first, but these guys were very professional and I got a good job, so looks good for now. I'd like to be home a bit more but the money's …
John Whittman Jr.
I got a job through this site with only 3 mos experience. i'm home every weekend now. Before it was every 30 days.
Clevon Tanner


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Mr Abdul Jabbar

17 June 2019

17 June


This recruiter was very patient with me. I had a lot of needs and he helped me find a company that I felt very comfortable with. It's been almost a year, and I ...
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